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    • In the subject line please put, "SAVOR THE MOMENT"

    • Write a short paragraph that introduces who you are and why you feel Savor Ice Cream is the perfect job for YOU!

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire our community to savor the moment.

Whether it is with a good friend, the whole family, or as a self-care treat, most people can agree that the experience of enjoying ice cream evokes the sweetness of life. To us, ice cream is not just a product, it is an experience. Our mission is to include as many people in this experience of savoring the moment as possible. Being part of a family with members who can't eat gluten or dairy; being part of a community that values organic and ethically-sourced ingredients, including those aligned with a vegan lifestyle; being part of a fertile valley that can abundantly provide seasonal treasures throughout the year; and living and working in a community that values neighborhood, family-owned small businesses, we feel it is our calling to incorporate all of these qualities into our ice cream.

"Savor" has become a mantra in our lives, in recognition that this life is a time-limited gift. We can't stop time or turn it back... we can only savor what we have, for what it is, right now. Regardless of whether those times are filled with picture perfect memories or tearful challenges, we strive to remember that this journey will only happen once, and ought to be savored for all it is.


Our Values

In every step of crafting and sharing our ice cream, we are committed to: 

  • Sourcing, crafting, and selling our products in ways that are rooted in sustainability, environmental and social justice, the well-being of our employees, and the health of our local community.

  • Partnering with local food makers and farmers for fresh, locally-inspired flavors.

  • Ensuring ingredient transparency so every customer feels safe and respected while enjoying our products.

  • Investing in our community through: providing fair wages for our employees; buying locally; and donating a portion of our profits every month to local groups who increase the health of our land and community (food banks, housing shelters, community programs, youth centers, equity organizations, and land back initiatives).

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