Savor the Quality


To us, ice cream is not a product, it is an experience. And we attempt to include as many people in this experience as possible. Being part of a family with members who can't eat gluten or dairy; being part of a community that values organic, and respects the ethical choices of a Vegan or plant-based diet; being part of a fertile farmland that can abundantly provide seasonal treasures throughout the year, we feel it is our calling to incorporate all of these qualities into our ice cream.

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What do you mean by "Vegan"?

Our vegan flavors are made with
- Organic coconut milk
- Organic, vegan certified sugar
- Vegan certified additions (like marshmallows for our Rocky Road)

All vegan flavors are churned and frozen in dedicated equipment that is separate from our dairy ice cream flavors.


What do you mean by "Gluten-Free"?

We take "gluten-free" seriously in our family's home as well as our shop.

- We exclusively use gluten-free products in all flavors that apply
- Our cones & add-in ingredients are all made from certified gluten-free products
- But, for real, we never use gluten...ever.