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To us, ice cream is not a product, it is an experience. And we attempt to include as many people in this experience as possible. Being part of a family with members who can't eat gluten or dairy; being part of a community that values organic, and respects the ethical choices of a Vegan or plant-based diet; being part of a fertile farmland that can abundantly provide seasonal treasures throughout the year, we feel it is our calling to incorporate all of these qualities into our ice cream.


What do you mean by "Vegan"?

Our vegan ice cream is made with coconut milk and serves as alternative to those who are lactose-intolerant, vegan, or just choose not to consume dairy milk. We are gosh darn proud of our vegan ice cream and think it is some of the best you will find -- you might not even be able to tell the difference! Our vegan varieties have:
- Certified Organic coconut milk
- Organic, vegan certified sugar (free from the use of bone char)
- Vegan certified additions (like marshmallows for our Rocky Road)



What do you mean by "Gluten-Free"?

My husband has been gluten-free for 15 years now, by necessity, so we take "gluten-free" seriously in our family's home as well as our shop. We want our g-free customers to feel confident and welcomed, able to try every flavor we have, regardless of whether there is a mix-in or if it is on a cone.

- We exclusively use gluten-free products in all flavors that apply
- Our cones & add-in ingredients are all made from a certified gluten-free mix
- But, for real, we never use gluten...ever.


What do you mean by "Local"?

This is the backbone to our mission: to support local farmers & businesses while offering the best, highest quality, and most unique ice cream you've ever had.

- Throughout the year, we source produce from local farmers
- Some of our "always" flavors like coffee and Chico Chai are sourced from local businesses, so that every time you buy that flavor, you are not only supporting us but you are also supporting that business as well. 
- By supporting local businesses, our local economy stays stronger and more diverse, allowing for more local vendors to flourish


What do you mean by "Organic"?

An important pillar to our mission is to use products that are organic whenever possible. To us, this is part of the bigger commitment we have to making sure that our business directly supports practices that are more sustainable, ethical, and healthier for our bodies and our planet.

- All of our ice cream (dairy & vegan) are made with milk, cream, and sugar
which are certified organic. 

- Additional flavor components like vanilla, cocoa, mint, etc.
are sourced as fair-trade and organic
- Local produce is either certified organic or at least verbally promised to not use pesticides and other chemicals. We understand that
 the process to becoming certified organic can be lengthy as well as expensive, so we rely on the commitment made by our farmers to not use harmful chemicals on their produce.

**Though we strive to obtain organic ingredients as much as possible, there are sometimes in which it is not possible due to the need to maintain gluten-free or vegan options. If there is a specific product you are interested in knowing about, you can always email us

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