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Shenlyn Svec & Family

Founder, Owner, and Ice Cream Chef

The origin of Savor Ice Cream is a story about two teachers who fell in love 

WITH ICE CREAM. And their lives were forever changed!

My husband and I felt like kids in a candy shop the first time we had artisan ice cream. We couldn't get enough! Whether it was a flavor like "Goat Cheese & Thyme" or a classic like "Vanilla" -

they were all amazingly rich and uniquely flavorful. 

That evening, in an Austin scoop shop called Lick, we fell in love all over again... with ice cream.  For the rest of the car ride home, we were googling "Artisan Ice Cream Shop" in every major city we passed through, hoping we could just get one more taste. We couldn't stop thinking about it.

Little did we know, on that hot Texas night back in July of 2013, a seed was planted for a dream that would evolve slowly and ever so surely. It inspired me to recreate our experience, first by using a simple freezer bowl machine.  It wasn't pretty at first, but eventually, I was confident enough to bring my Santa Rosa Plum ice cream to a potluck, and that seed sprouted into a full-fledged dream of making ice cream for my community. 

After a short stint of making ice cream orders for friends and friends of friends in 2016, parenthood and my preschool teaching career became my focus when we welcomed our newborn son to the world. Our ice cream dream was put on hold, indefinitely, but something told me that it would return some day...

After five years of collecting dust on a shelf, my husband (being the minimalist he is) moved our beloved Lello Ice Cream Maker to the donations pile, feeling that it was time to either let the dream go or pursue it fully.

Not more than a week later from that moment, a series of synchronistic events happened to us that were as unexpected and amazing as the night that started it all back in 2013. Before we knew it, we were in discussions to open an ice cream shop in Meriam Park.

"Savor" has become a mantra in our lives, realizing that this life we have is a time-limited gift. We can't stop time or turn it back... we can only savor what we have, for what it is, right now. Regardless of whether those times are filled with picture perfect memories or tearful challenges, we strive to remember that this journey will only happen once, and ought to be savored for all it is.

For those interested in some Savor History, here is a look at our crowdfunding video that the amazing Stephanie Kay Films made for us back at the start of this whole journey.

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