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By purchasing our ice cream you are also helping support amazing local farmers, vendors, and artisans that we use to make some of our flavors. Below is a list of the local (within 25 miles) suppliers for a variety of Savor Ice Cream ingredients!


Every time you buy a scoop or pint of the flavors below, a portion of that money goes to these amazing folks in order to purchase more of their product to make more of our ice cream. It is the reason why we don't buy out of season or buy out of area, whenever possible. We want to see our community flourish, while spotlighting the many hands who help make our ice cream dream possible!

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Alvarado Family Farms

(Durham, CA)

USED IN: Vegan Rocky Road & Rocky Road Cookies

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Chico Chai

(Chico, CA)

USED IN: Chico Chai, Vegan Chico Chai, and Vegan Chico Chai Cookies

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Daycamp Coffee

(Chico, CA)

USED IN: Vegan Cold Brew, & Daycamp Coffee


Erickson Oranges

(Orland, CA)

USED IN: Vegan Meyer Lemon, Vegan Orange Creamsicle, and Orange Cardamom

Bees at Work

Heitkam's Honeybees

(Capay, CA)

USED IN: Earl Grey & Honey, Thai Basil & Honey, Sage & Honey, and Honey Lavender

maisie logo 2.jpeg

Maisie Jane's

(Chico, CA)

USED IN: Almond Fudge Ripple & Rocky Road Cookies,

Almond Frangipane Blondies

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Saeturn Farms

(Gridley, CA)

USED IN: Vegan Fresh Strawberry, Balsamic Strawberry

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Skylake Ranch

(Chico, CA)

USED IN: Balsamic Strawberry


Ha Lee Moua

(Chico, CA)

USED IN: Thai Basil & Honey

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Taste of Freedom

(Chico, CA)

USED IN: Rocky Road Cookies & Brownies (all gluten-free)

wofchuck honey.jpeg

Wofchuck Honey Co.

(Chico, CA)

\USED IN: Earl Grey & Honey, Thai Basil & Honey, Sage & Honey, and Honey Lavender

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